Types of Publications

To avoid any duplicate articles, you must receive approval from the Chief Editor. Please submit 2-3 sentences about your article (for all categories) to Inquiry@EmergingFemaleScientists.com before you begin your work.

Original Research

All of these articles are original research primarily by a female author. It can be research from a camp or program but it must be your own writing. Research articles must follow a standard scientific format, including: title, abstract, introduction, clear and pertinent graphs, tables, charts, or figures, research sections with subheadings (including materials and procedures), results, conclusion, and references (a maximum of 25). 

Interview a Female Scientist

These pieces will include an interview of a prominent or significant women in science. The interview piece must be edited and approved by the person being interviewed and the editorial board. Interview questions are provided below. For consistency, please ask at least 4 out of 6 of these questions. You may add in other questions, but please be sure they are relevant. You must first submit who you are interviewing and the interview questions you are going to ask to Inquiry@EmergingFemaleScientists.com for approval.
  1. Explain the educational path that lead you to your current career.
  2. Who inspired you to pursue STEM? What motivates you to continue in STEM?
  3. What would you say to a group of middle and high school girls who want to pursue STEM career fields?
  4. Why do you think it is important to have women in STEM careers?
  5. Share a turning point,defining moment, or memorable accomplishment in your work as a scientist or innovator.
  6. Are there areas of challenge or controversy for women in your area/field of STEM?

Here is an example email to send to a famous woman in STEM:
My name is _________. I am a Junior at the ____________ high school in Best Town, Best State. I hope to publish in a new online journal called Emerging Female Scientists (EFS), which was created to inspire, recognize, train, and equip female middle school and high school STEM students to pursue and share their scientific ideas and research. In fact, EFS is the first and only scientific journal inspired by and created just for 7-12 grade women in STEM. Every submission is received and reviewed by an all-female editorial board, which is guided by a Scientific Advisory Board of nationally-recognized scientists, doctors, researchers, and educators.

One of the categories of publication is to interview a famous female STEM scientist or innovator. Would you be willing to give me a short interview? The article will be sent to you before it is published and reviewed by a professional editor.

Here are the some questions that will be asked:
(your questions that are approved by the EFS journal editorial board)

If you are willing to be interviewed, please contact me at _______ to set up a time and a way to communicate.

Here is the website: http://emergingfemalescientists.org/ 

Your name
Contact information and email

Current Scientific Events

These manuscripts should summarizes and report about new advances in a particular area of science and research. These papers should not include personal opinions about research or individuals. “Scientific Updates” or literature reviews can include tables or figures (no more than 3). References can not exceed twenty-five.

Public Policy/ Media

Submissions related to STEM that have public policy or public health implications.

Historical Biographies

Write about a renown woman in science, mathematics, space endeavor, computer technology, or medical innovation who has inspired you! Here are some examples of people to write about, or you might a different person to highlight: (to avoid duplicate work, remember to contact the editor before starting your article)
    1. Marie Skłodowska Curie (Physics, the first woman to win the Nobel Prize)
    2. Irène Joliot-Curie (Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Marie Sklodowska Curie's daughter, first Nobel Prize mom-daughter pair)
    3. Ada Lovelace (Computer programming)
    4. Rosalind Franklin (X-ray of DNA)
    5. Lise Meitner (Physics and Chemistry, Element: Meitnerium)
    6. Susan La Flesche Picotte (The first native American woman to obtain a medical degree)
    7. Rita Levi-Montalcini (Nobel Prize in Biology)
    8. Grace Hopper (STEM)
    9. Dorothy Hodgkin (Nobel Prize in Chemistry)
   10. Valentina Tereshkova (First woman in space)
   11. Mae Carol Jemison (First black woman in space)
   12. Katherine Blodgett (An inventor: gas mask, the first woman to get a PHD in Physics in Cambridge University and the first one to be hired by General Electric)
   13. Mangala Narlikar (an Indian mathematician)
   14. Choose your own! Your must send a request to Inquiry@EmergingFemaleScientists.com to make sure the historical figure is relevant and has not had a previous article in EFS.


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