Submitting Interviews, Current Scientific Events, Public Policy, or Historical Biographies

How exciting to know that you are about to contribute meaningful information that will inspire other women in STEM. Our editorial and publication process is focused on encouraging and instructing young scientists (you!). Therefore, be excited and open to uplifting feedback and positive editorial comments and suggestions from our awesome and accomplished Scientific Editorial Board. We pledge to work with you to produce a final publication that will reflect the highest standards of scientific reporting. Thank you for giving us this opportunity!

First things first--an original submission means that your work is unique, not copied or duplicated from others and that you have acknowledged (“cited”) everyone else’s thoughts and contributions to your paper. Simply stated, don’t copy other people’s work and don’t take credit for something you didn’t do. Next, combine that principle with honest and truthful reporting--don’t lie, exaggerate, or minimize, and report the truth even if it surprises you! Let these principles guide your steps and you will not only become a trusted and respected scientist or innovator, but a person that can change the world. 

Our handy checklist will help you start off on the right foot:

Title Page -includes title of article and type of submission
Body of Article - 4-8 paragraphs
Concluding Paragraph - summary with overall importance of article for women in STEM
References - see below for proper formatting
Charts, graphs, images, or other data figures - optional

Must be Times New Roman, 12 point font. (Margins no smaller than .8)
Text must have 1.5 spacing
Must be in a Google Document (.doc, .docx). If you do not have access to Google please contact
us and we will take other submission forms.

Use AMA format for references within your paper and in the reference section (Here is a link on how to use AMA correctly)

Do not embed photographic images into the body of your manuscript. They should be included in an Appendix section at the end of your paper (after references)

Tables and other figures should be embedded within your word document manuscript
An explanatory caption must accompany every image, figure or table.
There is a maximum of 5 total figures and tables
Remember, your figures must be original or non-copyrighted material

You must verify the following:

Final acknowledgements:

1. Once accepted, the author(s) license Emerging Female Scientists to publish and distribute the final manuscript.
2. Author(s) retain the copyright to their submission(s). Thus, published articles can be reprinted in whole or in part in other journals, if allowed by other journals. A reference or pointer to Emerging Female Scientists as the original publication site must be included in any reprinted materials.
3. All Emerging Female Scientists publications are forever free and therefore can be distributed without author(s) permission for non-commercial, educational purposes, per licensing under the Creative Commons attribution noncommercial and no derivative license  Commercial or for-profit use of any published materials requires written permission from the Emerging Female Scientists Editor.  


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