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Emerging Female Scientists

The only electronic, peer-reviewed, open access journal specifically for female middle and high school students

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Our Vision

Our vision is that this journal will live up to its name and help you emerge as a young female scientist who has the confidence and experience to pursue a fulfilling career in the varied and numerous STEM fields.

What is EFS?

Emerging Female Scientist (EFS) is the first electronic, peer-reviewed, open access scientific journal promoting and publishing articles by female middle- and high school students. The goal is to inspire, recognize, train, and equip female middle school and high school students to pursue and share their scientific ideas and research. In fact, EFS is the first and only scientific journal inspired by and created just for 7-12 grade women in STEM. All research submissions must have a female as the primary (first) author. Every submission is received and reviewed by an all-female editorial board, which is guided by a Scientific Advisory Board of nationally-recognized scientists, researchers, and educators.

The editorial and advisory boards are committed to helping you have a fun and meaningful research and publication experience. Your submissions will receive constructive feedback on the content, research methods, results, and conclusions. You get to learn about the publication process from peers and experts who ultimately help you refine and improve your work into a polished and worthy final research product.


Emerging Female Scientists

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